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Yes, folks. This will be a blog post with no citations or other scientific stuff. It´s just about living in Delft! For those of the colleagues, who will stay at TU Delft in the future, I would like to share some experiences.

Depending on the duration of your stay, you can choose between staying in a hotel and renting a flat. In the past I made quite good experiences with or The following websites might be a good starting point to search for alternatives, especially to find an apartment for sub tenancy:

Döner Box

After your arrival there might come up questions like “Where to eat?”, “Where to shop?” or “Where to go out?”.

Let us start at the Delft campus. You will find there the Döner Company. It is located directly at the beginning of Mekeleweg near to the TU Delft Aula (location in google maps). There you can get fries, salad, pide, döner etc. and all for an affordable price. I chose the big döner box (extra spicy!) for less than 5 Euro and I was never disappointed. Interesting is the fact, that you find the name “Döner Company” with “ö” but also Doner Company with “o”. The students name it with “o” and I guess it is because in the Dutch language there is no “ö”. Language can be very interesting, can it not?

OK, let us go from the campus to the city of Deft. There, I recommend to plan a stay in the Bierfabriek in Delft (location in google.maps). Not only are the home-brewed beers, but also their grilled chicken good reasons to visit this place.

Bike lane
Bike lane in Delft

Another nice place was Umai, japans grill & sushi restaurant in Delft (location in google maps). From the outside it seems to be small and unimpressive but if you are inside of it, it is bigger than you might expect. Important advice: The All You Can Eat Menu can take about 1,5 – 2,0 hours. So, be there latest as two hours before they close! There are also many other alternatives, but in the case you do not want to eat every day in a restaurant, you can also buy your food in one of the local supermarkets. There are several and you can find nearly every company there (open this view in Google maps for a map with supermarkets around TU Delft).

As I already wrote, it makes sense to have a bike in Delft. Either you bring your own or you rent one. Another alternative is to buy a used bike. But this is only meaningful if you are there for more than two or three months. Calculate the break even between renting and buying depending on the time you stay. The bike paths are quite good in general.

The network of bike paths is exceptional, compared to Essen for instance. But be aware, at this bike paths there are also “bromfietsen” (mopeds) allowed. And they ride them quite fast. Additionally you have to share the lane with scooters for disabled and also with cargo bikes. To sum up, there is quite lot traffic on such a bike lane and you have to ride your “fietsen” (bike) carefully between the others. Advice: Always use a bicycle lock! The rate of bicycle theft is relatively high. So, enjoy your stay.


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