Living and working in Cambridge

It is unbelievable but my exchange to Cambridge is almost finished and I will already leave in a couple of days. Time flew fast and I gathered a lot of experiences and got insights into the University of Cambridge, the people living here and also into the surroundings!

I spend my working hours at the Faculty of Education in Hillsroad, North-West from the city centre. It is a nice building with lots of windows and open spaces. Bridges are linking the right and left side office floors. Thus, you are not only getting the feeling of freedom physically, but it literally helps you to get an open mind. The office where I spent most of my time is on the third floor on top of the building – a worthy place for technology education.

Very often I have also been sitting in the beautiful library of the Faculty of Education. It is no dark and dusty place stuffed with old books like one could imagine thinking of such an old and famous university. No, it is bright and spacious and invites you to let your thoughts wander as well as to focus on intensive literature research. Both very important aspects to foster the quality of your research!

But the best thing about this library is the library expert team. They always help you with nearly every question you have (questions concerning the IT support could of course be better answered from the equally friendly IT team next door).

Living in Cambridge means not only living with all the tourists visiting Cambridge every day being impressed by the city and its sights as I have been during my exchange; it also means living with lots of students populating the streets and pathways of the city riding their bikes and consulting Google maps to find the right way to their seminars.

During my weekends I travelled around the near surroundings to get to know the country, its residents and their customs. London was an attractive destination with all the sights and monuments! But also Audley End is one of the nicest towns in England and definitely worth visiting. Between March and October you can visit its interesting manor house and get impressions about life in past centuries. Absolutely worth doing!

So I will enjoy my last days staying in Cambridge before going back home to Germany to the routines of daily university life.

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